Dental Procedures
One of the best values in dentistry outside of the USA, is dental implants.  While implants may cost $3000 to $5000 in the USA, an implant outside of the USA is typically $700-$850 at many providers that we refer people to.  There is a myth that the quality is lower and the rate of complications is higher outside of the USA, but there is a known correlation to the number of implants placed by a dentist and the degree of success.   Providers who place thousands of implants abroad and who use the same materials as in the USA, usually have a success rate of 98%.  Dental implants are the only real solution to replace missing
Root canals
Root canals, bone grafts, bridges and crowns are very good values at dental providers abroad.  It does not take many smaller procedures to add up to big savings.  One reason that people refer to going to a dentist abroad as a "dental vacation" is that they save enough money to splurge on sightseeing and shopping. 
Cleaning and fillings
Cleaning and fillings--yes those minor dental treatments are done also. They do not require much time at the dental clinic, and then you are on your way to more vacation time.  If you are going to a country for lower cost medical care, then why not take advantage of even these smaller procedures while there?  We will be happy to schedule you in.  
Complete or Partial Restoration 
Partial and complete dental restoration are the top reasons that most people travel to outside of the USA, in an effort to save thousands of dollars.  The amount saved can be the difference in getting the restoration, and the restoration being out of reach entirely.  Our goal is to get the prices for you, and recommendations from providers who have reviewed your x-rays, then you make the final informed decision after getting the necessary information.  Complete restoration is a big decision.  We also help you to get complications coverage, so that if you return  home and have any complications (such as infection or your bite changes), it is covered at a dentist in your country or pays for you to return to the dentist who did the dental implants.   This helps to protect your investment. 
Extractions can be done at the dental clinic you select, under full anesthesia, sedation, or routine numbing.  You will discuss what is best for you, with your dentist.  The decision to use full anesthesia may require you to be at a dental clinic that is located at a hospital.  Our knowledgeable staff can guide you with suitable options as to providers and locations.