DentaRica Travel Staff are frequently a first contact in your journey to access low cost providers outside of your home country. Whether you are from the USA, Canada, the EU, or elsewhere, we are here to advise you and offer our expertise from years of experience with seekers of affordable, high quality dental care, just like you. 
When you contact DentaRica Travel staff, you can expect excellent customer service.   You will fill out the dental form at no obligation to you. Dentists will review it, and tell our staff what they recommend, the cost, and the length of stay.  We then schedule a consultation with you to go over all the options, and discuss travel related expenses. There are so many factors to consider, that you need the advice of someone experienced with medical travel to guide you.  Going it alone can have serious consequences and poor outcomes. 

Here are the simple steps you need to take:

1. You will fill out the online form (click on icon below) so that DentaRica Travel staff can gather the information that the dentists will want to review before speaking with you and giving their professional recommendations and opinions.  Scans, photos and x-rays can be uploaded securely.

2. Next,  you will be contacted by DentaRica staff to schedule the consultation by phone, skype, facebook or in person.  If DentaRica Travel feels that you may get better price/treatment options from providers in a particular country, based on many factors (even rate of currency exchange) then a dental tourism specialist will inform you of options you may not have considered.  

3. After you select a dental provider, that provider will contact DentaRica staff so that we may assist you in planning your trip. This includes coordination of the flights, hotel for the number of recommended nights, and initial dental appointment upon arrival.  DentaRica Travel Staff also plan for your arrival and departure at the airport, and give you the necessary travel information and tips.  

While you are in the country receiving care from the dental provider, DentaRica Travel staff are available for phone or email support. Often, a staff person is in the country you select, during the time that you are there.  If not, relax, because DentaRica Travel has contacts who will assist you on the ground while you are there. It is our goal for you to have a seamless and smooth experience while on your Dental Vacation. 

You may find that group travel makes you feel more secure, and so DentaRica Travel offers group Dental Vacation packages several times each year with one of our experienced staff going along as a guide.   Whether you go alone, with a companion, a family member or a group, the motto of DentaRica Travel is the same:

                                                                                 "Fly a Little, Save a LOT!"  

Patient Testimony
Patient and Staff Testimonies
Many dental patients rely on DentaRica Travel and NC Medical Travel to ensure that they have a successful dental vacation experience. Our staff are also dental patients and understand your need to feel comfortable and safe throughout the process. 

We make your dream of throwing away your dentures and restoring your smile (and saving a lot of money) into a reality. 
Qualified Doctors
Dentists are highly trained and experienced in their areas of specialty, and certified as per the requirements of the dental board in their country. In addition, DentaRica Travel staff are familiar with their work and customer satisfaction ratings.  You decide which dental provider you feel most comfortable with. 
Online Form
In order to serve you better, we need more information about your current dental needs and history. Please fill out the secure form, which will be forwarded to appropriate dental providers. They in turn will contact you with treatment options and prices.

There is no consultation fee when purchasing a dental vacation package (included).   
To pay for the consultation with a DentaRica Travel staff specialist, you may use this link